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About Me


Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a qualified and experienced Integrative Counsellor, I offer online counselling sessions using Zoom.

I have gained my initial counselling experience working with a diverse range of clients face to face through the NHS & IAPT and now work exclusively online.

I've worked with clients who have experienced childhood traumas, health issues, relationship issues, loss, bereavement, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

For me, at the heart of counselling is the ability to build trusting relationships with my clients, where they feel safe enough to explore parts of themselves they might not have explored before, traumas they might not have worked through or anything that they wish to work on, I hold a space for clients to feel listened to and cared for as I am passionate about helping people and helping them to reach their full potential or merely to feel better about how life is for them.

I've spent many years  trying to work on myself, trying to make sense of who I am and why I am the way I am, and what role my childhood has had in making me who I am. I wanted to make sense of human interactions and what it all means. This lead me to counselling - The path to self-discovery and the path to helping others, my ultimate goal. 


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