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I make every effort to keep all information confidential. I will take all precautions to ensure our online communication, whatever medium, written or otherwise remains private and confidential. It is not a regular part of my service to search for client information online through search engines such as Google or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.  
Likewise, if you prefer to keep our meetings private, I ask that you think about who has access to your computer. Confidentiality could be breached through lack of password protection, in transit by hackers or by others who have access to your account or computer. If you are accessing the Internet from public locations such as a library or Internet café or coffee shop you should consider the visibility of your screen with people around you. Always be sure to fully exit safely all counselling sessions and emails.  

Responsibility around confidential information 
You are responsible for understanding the potential risks of confidentiality being breached. This will be for securing your own computer hardware, your Internet access points, chat software, email address and any passwords. I will not be liable for the release of confidential information relating to you and arising from you not maintaining the privacy of your online communication with me.  


Seeking permission   
Please ask my permission before recording any portion of the session and/or posting any portion of said sessions on any website, Facebook, YouTube or any social media platform.   


Legal exceptions  
The information disclosed during the course of counselling is confidential. However there are legal exceptions both mandatory, and permissible, including threats of harm to self or others, or if a court ordered.  


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