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Benefits of Online Therapy vs Traditional Face to Face Therapy

Generally in the past therapy has happened face to face, between a therapist and a client within a therapy room setting. However, for clients this often means finding time within their hectic schedule for appointments. It means having to arrange childcare or time off work, while also having to factor in travel time to and from appointments, and lets face it we are all already struggling for time.

Online therapy offers another way of doing things - a less stressful and time consuming way. This way of chatting to a counsellor online at a time that suits you, without having to stress about those other things, you simply get onto a secure network (I will send you the link) download it to your phone, tablet or laptop and within seconds we are talking "face to face". 

Online therapy is also perfect for people who are unable to leave their homes for whatever reason, you can choose from the available time slots what time suits you best and that will be your set appointment for the duration of our contract, you'll need to commit to just 50 minutes once a week and we can discuss how long you feel you need counselling for, I work with long term and short term clients. Why not book now for your initial consultation.

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